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Welcome to the Switchboard

Switchboard Arts: possibly the world’s most amazing collective of inspiring, talented, good-looking worldly souls blessed with superhuman powers who can turn the mundane into Mandy Moore.

As the only organisation in the universe boasting pimped out poets, passionate painters and perfectly poised pianists, Switchboard Arts brings together internationally acclaimed artists and those who can only dream to be acclaimed under one really small umbrella.

Meet the artists who have linked through the Switchboard!


Switchboard Arts is a not-for-profit co-operative.

All creatives are welcome to take part in Switchboard initiatives. You don't have to become a co-operative member!

The benefits of Switchboard co-operative membership include:

  • Access to event insurance

  • Grant auspicing

  • E-publication support

  • Access to our corporate library

  • Being a part of a creative community!

"Your creative work will tell your story"

Photo by J. Paint


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